Five cool Android 10 features that haven’t yet arrived

In case you personal a Pixel or nonetheless have an important telephone lying around, you’ve in all likelihood already attempted out the dark subject matter, gesture navigation, and all of the different new Android 10 features. However, you won’t recognize there are some other capabilities to explore—functions that also want a chunk greater improvement time and are currently hidden in the back of as an alternative flimsy gate.

Involved? You’ll need to allow Developer options for your phone. To do this, visit the gadget menu in Settings, then approximately smartphone, and scroll all the way down to construct quantity at the lowest. Faucet it seven times, and a message will seem telling you that you’re now a developer. Also check for Free Chegg Accounts for students. Then pass returned a display and faucet on the device, then superior, to look the Developer options menu.

Most of the toggles internal are related to app development and won’t be of an awful lot use, but a few of them provide a sneak peek at what’s to return…

Computing device mode

These days’ high-quit Android phones are basically as effective as a laptop, so it simplest makes sense that we’d be able to use them like one. We’ve already visible pc-style interfaces with Samsung’s DeX, and now Google is working on a laptop mode for all Android smartphones.

As it stands, the pressure desktop mode toggle doesn’t do anything without an Android Debug Bridge (ADB) command, so it isn’t surely useable except you’re a developer. However, from what we’ve seen in demo films, computing device mode will be nothing less than a complete-sized Android enjoys for outside video display units. That means there could be a dock, floating windows, mouse assist, and drag-and-drop abilities, all powered by way of your cellphone.


In case you’ve ever wished facebook’s chat heads concept can be carried out to more than simply Messenger, you’re going to like Android’s Bubbles, which become initially slated to be an Android 10 release characteristic. Evolution of each multitasking and notifications, Bubbles puts mini circles to your display screen that can be moved around and extended with a tap. In preference to a notification inside the popularity bar, Bubbles will pop up on your screen to let you realize you have got a message or a telephone name. You could pick out to behave on it, depart it there, or shoo it away.

Due to the fact they absorb space and cover parts of the display screen, Bubbles has the potential to be both modern and worrying, so Google is rightfully taking its time with it. In truth, flipping the Bubbles toggle in Developer alternatives doesn’t appear to do something but, however, we’re hoping to get a danger to strive it for ourselves quickly.


Google is pulling theming out of launchers and bringing it to Android right. It’s quite rudimentary in the interim, however, you could right away change your accessory color, font, and icon form the usage of the Theming menu in Developer options. To attempt it out, head down to the lowest of Developer options and appearance beneath the Theming tab. There are a grand total of seven colors, four shapes, and one font, however by the time it rolls out of beta, we’re hoping that there are numerous greater alternatives to select from.

Display recording

Here’s one that creators will love: Google is sooner or later building a native screen recorder into Android. It’s not quite geared up for Android 10—and in reality, it’s no longer even an alternative in builders options anymore—but there are signs and symptoms that it can display up quickly. Relegated to the developer-only ADB flags in the meantime, display recording may be handy by means of maintaining down the strength button to bring up the menu and then long-pressing at the screenshot icon.

In its cutting-edge form, a test-container dialog appears asking in case you need to document voiceover or show your taps. After choosing your alternatives, you want simplest press report to start matters off. Whilst you’re performed, you may forestall the recording with the aid of swiping down and tapping stop inside the notification panel (which oddly will want to be edited out of the video).

Live Caption

In case you take a look at out the Android 10 site, one of the spotlighted functions—the first on the page, without a doubt—is live Caption. One of the coolest functions to return alongside in a while, it provides automatic captions for any video, inclusive of ones you shot along with your personal smartphone. The handiest hassle is, it’s no longer prepared but. While you can see the placeholder for stay Caption within the Accessibility settings when you look for it, the toggle isn’t sure there. In its Android 10 blog submit, Google says that live Caption might be available “q4, beginning with Pixel.”

However, it doesn’t say which Pixel. Google has indicated that live Caption will require a truthful quantity of reminiscence and area to work, so it’s possible that the contemporary Pixels—which only have 4GB of RAM and 64GB of base storage—don’t have the considered necessary specifications to address it. That also could be one of the reasons why the Pixel four is rumored to be getting 6GB of RAM.

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